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Got Dirty Clothes?: 6 Cruise Ship Laundry Tips

As unfortunate as it may be, laundry is likely the only sign of reality to ever rear its ugly head during a cruise vacation otherwise filled with escape. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the pains associated with dirty clothes, and we’ve complied some suggestions to consider here.

Pack Enough Clothes for the Duration

The simplest solution to not dealing with laundry in any capacity during your cruise is to pack enough clean clothes for the entire length of the sailing. Of course, this may be easier said than done as airline baggage weight limits restrict how much you can bring along without astronomical added fees. This can be done simply enough for a weeklong or shorter cruise but those longer or ones requiring additional formal wear make it a tad tougher.

Choose a Cabin with Included Service

If you require laundry to be done onboard but would rather not tend to it yourself, the best approach would be to choose a cabin category that features free laundry service as an included

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