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  • Megan Leppert

From Under the Toque: A Chef’s First Impressions of the Carnival Miracle

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I am excited to have the opportunity to review the culinary operation onboard the Carnival Miracle, as this is my first time sailing with Carnival Cruise Lines. As you all know, first impressions are everything because they are the first experiences that guests have, and it does set the tone for the rest of your trip. It is important for any organization to always put its best foot forward. That way everyone’s first impressions are positive and memorable.

From Under the Toque: A Chef’s First Impressions of the Carnival Miracle is continued below…

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Aboard the Carnival Miracle you have several different dining options and dining areas available to you throughout the day. In the main dining room, The Bacchus Restaurant (pictured in the header above), you can enjoy a wonderful sea day brunch that has a wide variety of options such as caesar salad with jerk bacon, eggs benedict, filet mignon and eggs, or french toast. I will say that we have been more impressed with the brunch available in the Bacchus Restaurant than the dinner offerings there.

The dinner selection has been average with a few dishes that stand out as being good like the strawberry bisque that we enjoyed last night. The service in the Bacchus dining room has been average too and slightly inconsistent depending on whether it’s brunch or dinner.

Horatio’s is the lido restaurant located on deck 9 aboard the Carnival Miracle. Horatio’s offers guests a wide variety of options for both lunch and dinner, such as Carnival Deli which offers a wide variety of both hot and cold sandwiches, Pizza Pirate which bakes pizza 24 hours a day, Chopsticks that dishes up a wide variety of Asian fare, and Off the Grill which serves cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

Horatio’s does tend to get busy, especially on sea days, but it is a great option for lunch or a late night snack. One of the best food features we have experienced is Pizza Pirate. I tend to be a night owl, and after an evening of hanging out at the fantastic comedy club, Punchliner, it was great to run upstairs to Pizza Pirate and have a late night Quattro Fromagio pizza with prosciutto and arugula.

We are really looking forward to trying the Carnival Miracle’s specialty restaurant, Nick and Nora’s Steakhouse, in the coming evenings. Stay tuned for the review of Nick and Nora’s and The Taste Bar in our next report. Until then, ciao and remember to enjoy life one bite at a time!

For more information on the Carnival Miracle, visit Carnival Cruise Lines website here.

Have you sailed on Carnival? What is your opinion of the cruise line’s food? Please feel free to share in the comments section below…



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