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First Look: Royal Princess’ SeaWalk

UPDATED PHOTOS –– Princess Cruises today released the above teaser image of the new SeaWalk feature onboard the upcoming Royal Princess. Posted on the line’s Facebook page, the photo sheds light on the finished scale of the unique pedestrian structure. Until now, the cantilevered SeaWalk has only been visible from afar or in computer renderings like that below illustrating its glass floor and night lighting.

Concept Image of Royal Princess’ SeaWalk at Night (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Imagine the space between SeaWalk and the ship’s superstructure filled in with a drink bar and its own glass floor, and you have a good sense of what the Royal Princess will include on her opposite side. In many ways, this bar sounds more intriguing than the pedestrian “bridge” alone as you will be able to observe the ocean view below for as long as the drinks and discussions of said view hold out, but surely the extensions off both sides of the ship will spark passengers’ curiosity.

Another Shot of Royal Princess’ SeaWalk Under Final Construction (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

To read more about the new Royal Princess and the heritage of her name, check out our Royal Princess Reemerges article here. Also, visit Princess Cruises’ website to further explore what the upcoming ship is all about. Does SeaWalk interest you? Tell us in the comments section below…




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