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Disney Magic Redesign Photo Tour

The highly anticipated Disney Magic redesign from the Disney Cruise Line is complete, and the newly re-imagined cruise ship sets sail once again today from Miami, Florida. Guests will have an extensive set of new and improved features, as previously announced and detailed, to enjoy onboard.

“Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do,” says Joe Lanzisero, senior creative vice president for Walt Disney Imagineering, who Popular Cruising had the pleasure of exclusively interviewing at the Disney D23 Expo this year. “Walt Disney was a master storyteller and knew how to engage people’s emotions into stories. Our job is to take what we learned from Walt and apply it to the experiences onboard our ships.”

Check out the result of the Walt Disney Imagineers’ hard work to tell all new stories onboard the Disney Magic in the photo tour below…



Family Dining

For Kids

For Adults

Upper Decks

For more information on the Disney Magic, visit the Disney Cruise Line website here.

What do you think about the redesigned Disney Magic? Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below…


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