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Crystal Cruises Will Now Include Free Internet and Wi-Fi for All Guests

Expanding beyond just its repeat guests, Crystal Cruises will now offer free internet and Wi-Fi connections to all of its guests onboard the Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and upcoming Crystal Esprit. The program will take effect beginning August 30 on the Serenity and Symphony and on the December 23 Esprit inaugural sailing.

Crystal will give one free hour per guest, per day for those in Deluxe Staterooms and Penthouses and 90 minutes for those in Penthouse Suites. Passengers can access the 24-hour satellite-enabled wireless internet connection using their own devices or one of the ship’s dual Mac/PC desktops or premium laptop rentals. This comes after the line maximized its bandwidth, made its Wi-Fi coverage ship-wide and offered internet where it was previously unavailable like Japan, all just last year.

“While some travelers like to ‘unplug’ on vacation, many of our guests wish to stay connected while traveling, whether for business purposes, to stay in touch with loved ones, or to share their Crystal experiences along their journeys,” says President & CEO Edie Rodriguez, “It is always our goal to make life aboard our ships as effortless and comfortable as possible for our guests, and amenities like free internet go a long way to help those efforts.”

Beyond the allocated free internet time, Crystal will offer the following additional pay packages:

  1. Plan A: “Pay As You Go” for $0.74 per minute

  2. Plan B: 2 hours (120 minutes) for $55 ($0.46 per minute)

  3. Plan C: 5 hours (300 minutes) for $127 ($0.43 per minute)

  4. Plan D: 10 hours (600 minutes) for $220 ($0.37 per minute)

For more information on the line’s internet connection and Computer University@Sea (pictured above) program, visit Crystal Cruises‘ website here.




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