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Crystal Cruises Plots Out Future Air and Sea Itineraries for New Brands

Shortly after launching its new Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises and announcing its upcoming Crystal AirCruises inaugural itinerary, Crystal Cruises is expanding on the routes for each into 2017 and 2018.

Crystal AirCruises

August 31, 2017 will mark Crystal’s very first 27-day The Peninsula Grand Inaugural Crystal AirCruise roundtrip from New York with its custom-configured luxury Boeing 777, and all-inclusive flight paths and, on average, two- to three-night destination stops to follow will range from 15 to 29 days in length.

“Crystal AirCruises will push the boundaries of what luxury travelers have traditionally thought possible within one vacation experience, as our guests will be able to span the globe in the course of a few weeks without sacrificing the ease and stylish comfort they expect from a Crystal vacation,” said Crystal CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez. “For instance, wine lovers need not choose just one exceptional winegrowing region, but can immerse themselves in several of the most acclaimed areas with the benefit of our luxury aircraft to whisk them easily to the next destination. Likewise, travelers need not limit their exploration of the world’s ancient icons due to distance, as Crystal AirCruises provides the ability to contextualize the history and significance of many in one vacation.”

The approach taken for each itinerary is to include four curated destination experiences from which to choose or blend: “Exhilarating Adventures,” “Personal Connections,” “Cultural Discoveries” and “Tantalizing Gastronomy.” And for total customization, the “Designed by You” option can be arranged by the ultimate Crystal AirCruises Director concierge.

The initial itineraries beyond the inaugural run are outlined here:

October 21, 2017 ~ Around the World: Iconic Sites & Legendary Locale

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