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Crystal Cruises Launches A Pair of New Television Spots

Airing during the remainder of the presidential election coverage and shortly thereafter, Crystal Cruises has placed a pair of new TV commercials on CNN and Fox News. Leveraging the increase in viewing is one spot featuring Crystal’s classic ocean cruses and another focusing on the company’s new river cruises.

“Our guests are inquisitive, savvy individuals who remain engaged in the current state of affairs, nationally and worldwide, and we see a wonderful opportunity to showcase the wonderful Crystal Experiences that await them beyond the debates of the season,” says Crystal CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez. “The past year has been packed with firsts for Crystal, as we expand our experiences to meet and exceed the interests of a broader audience of discerning travelers. We are thrilled to share these experiences on a larger platform, and provide a visual glimpse into the internationally acclaimed world of All Things Crystal.”

Each 60-second commercial takes a relaxed approach as Rodriguez hosts them with a calming voiceover. Rather than rely on any marketing ploy, the ads are refreshingly straightforward, simply outlining onboard features and destinations ashore. 

Let’s check out both,

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