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CRUIZE CAST – Azamara Club Cruises Profile

Cruize Cast is back after an extended break with the latest cruise news and a profile of Azamara Club Cruises with guest of the podcast – my father, Mark Leppert. He and I discuss our initial impressions of the line after first sailing on the Azamara Quest (seen above in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) months ago. Since the earlier prerecording, Azamara had added even more impressive inclusions.

My cohosts describe the episode as follows:

We are back after a long absence with a detailed cruise profile of Azamara Club Cruises. During our hiatus, there was a lot of cruise news which we will attempt to cover. Additionally, find out what is going on with us and with the future of the podcast.

Have any questions or thoughts? Ask or tell us in the comments section below…


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