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Cruising by the Numbers: Fathom's Impact on the DR (So Far)

Fathom, Carnival Corporation’s newest cruise line, is all in the news right now as it prepares for its historic sailing from Miami to Cuba with American citizens onboard, but the brand’s inaugural itinerary to the Dominican Republic just made a positive impact in its own right, affecting locals and passengers alike. 

Fathom bills itself as a social impact cruise line, with a philosophy focusing on two components: volunteering and cultural immersion. Its cruises to the DR involve both, and those to Cuba will focus on the latter. The Adonia is the brand’s singular ship that is sailing currently to the DR every week and, beginning on May 1, will set out for Cuba for the first time and the DR again every other week thereafter, alternating between the two destinations.

“Our brand has been on an incredible journey, from the idea’s conception over two years ago through today,” said Russell. “We set out to do something special with Fathom by introducing the world to a unique type of travel – travel with purpose. I want to personally thank everyone who stood alongside Fathom, and had a hand in getting us to where we are today. Without your support, we would not be

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