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Cruising 101: Deciding on an Ocean Cruise Destination

In a series of cruise travel basic articles, we’ve already looked at how to best select a cruise line and choose a specific cruise ship. The next step is to determine just where it is you want to sail to, and deciding on a destination is dependent on a few more factors than you might initially be aware of.


If you selected a cruise line with a massive fleet of ships like Carnival Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean International, chances are it will be easy to head for any mainstream cruise destination and find a vessel that sails there. However, if you’re keen to cruise on the newest ships from any such company, they will frequently be deployed to the most popular areas in the world. More often than not, new vessels built in Europe start out in the Mediterranean and Baltic but soon end up in the Caribbean.

If, on the other hand, you’ve chosen a small-scale line like Azamara Club Cruises, for example, you will be limited to traveling only where its two ships are going at any given time.


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