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Cruise Ship Observation Lounges: Why Do They Matter?

There once was a time when an observation lounge – the forward-facing venue with wraparound windows at the top of the ship – was a cruise staple. Nowadays, they are infrequently included, but they should make a comeback for one reason alone: the destination.

As cruise ships grow increasingly more elaborate in size and features, they also become destinations unto themselves, but they should also not lose sight of the ports-of-call they visit. Certainly larger ships can manage to spare some space dedicated to the passing scenery, but it’s often the big ones that forego an observation lounge.

Royal Caribbean International’s new Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, for instance, still features, at least architecturally, the line’s signature Viking Crown Lounge, but its glass-enclosed footprint is accessible only to suite guests for the Coastal Kitchen restaurant on the port side and the Suite Lounge on the starboard side. No longer is the space ava

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