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Cruise Preview: MSC Divina, Southern Caribbean 2013

As another new endeavor for Popular Cruising, we will be embarking on the MSC Divina next week for our first time aboard MSC Cruises. The cruise ship has made waves recently after arriving in Miami, Florida to begin the cruise line’s first year-round sailing from North America, bringing “the Mediterranean way of life,” as MSC Cruises puts it, to the shores of the USA.

Cruise Reviews from the MSC Divina, Southern Caribbean 2013 sailing previewed below: First Impressions of the MSC Divina from the USA A Closer Look at the MSC Divina

Check out our already extensive coverage of the MSC Divina here. Also, now is the perfect time to get any of your questions about MSC Cruises or the MSC Divina in so that we may answer them in our coverage. Please feel free to ask away in the comments section below the article.

The Pool Deck (Copyright © MSC Cruises)

The Ship

While not the newest in the MSC Cruises fleet, the MSC Divina is a sister ship to the latest MSC Preziosa and dates back to only 2012. In fact, the presence of the line’s second newest cruise ship In North America is a testament to its dedication to this market. The vessel weighs in at 139,400 tons, carries just shy of 4,000 passengers and exhibits a number of impressive design cues. The top-perched midship Galaxy nightclub and restaurant, for instance, looks something like the saucer section and bridge of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek with its expansive view through the frameless glass paneling.

The Galaxy Nightclub and Restaurant Looks Upon the Ocean’s Vastness (Copyright © MSC Cruises)

She is also packed full of European goodness including Eataly restaurants that bring the best Italian cuisine onboard. Interestingly, it was a former Tex-Mex restaurant that was removed in order to install two new Eataly dining rooms. This change was made specifically for the ship’s latest deployment and is so new that it has yet to be reflected on the ship’s deck plans found on the line’s website. Entertainment has been tailored for these new Mimai-based sailings as well but will still feature Italian influences on certain days.

The Golden Jazz Bar (Copyright © MSC Cruises)


Our cabin onboard will be a forward situated balcony stateroom with rich red and mahogany tones. The rooms appear quite spacious thanks in part to a lovely floor to ceiling mirror, plus furnishings such as a King size bed and a sizable sofa. For the crème de la crème, MSC Cruises also offers its own brand of ship-within-a-ship. The MSC Yacht Club features the ship’s nicest suites and exclusive access to Le Muse restaurant; Top Sail Lounge; and The One Pool, Bar & Grill. Select complimentary drinks, premium amenities, spa privileges and private shopping opportunities round out the inclusions.

A Spacious Balcony Stateroom (Copyright © MSC Cruises)


We must admit, the food onboard is one of the things that we are most eagerly awaiting to try onboard the MSC Divina. The food from Italy is easily some of the best, and we anticipate that the cuisine onboard will follow suit from the two new Eataly restaurants – The Eataly Steakhouse and Ristorante Italia – to the pizzeria. Featuring the slow food philosophy and artisanal ingredients, the food is sure to be good.

Eataly Onboard the MSC Divina (Copyright © MSC Cruises)

The Itinerary

Another highlight of this MSC Divina cruise is the more extensive 11-night Southern Caribbean itinerary with stops not often found on usual seven-day runs. Taking full advantage of the trajectory, the itinerary reaches as far south as Panama, Aruba and Curacao. The days are plotted out at a relaxing pace too with only one occurrence of back-to-back port days. Otherwise, sea days are evenly interspersed between the stops.

The Route (Copyright © MSC Cruises)

It will be particularly interesting to visit Panama without transiting the famed canal because it will allow the opportunity to tour the massive undertaking that is the current canal expansion project. We last saw the new set of locks as we sailed through recently, but we look forward to exploring the process even closer up. Also, despite having visited Cozumel several time before, we have never made it across to the mainland of Mexico there to visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum. That too is on our list to cover.

The Schedule (Copyright © MSC Cruises)

Please feel free to follow along as we cruise onboard MSC Cruises by checking in with us here and on our social media channels. For more information on the MSC Divinavisit MSC Cruises‘ website here.

Do you have any questions about the MSC Divina? Ask away in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to answer you…




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