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Costa Cruises Anticipates New Interior Design Era

It’s official: tacky is out; tasteful is in. Costa Cruises has announced the team of designers that will adorn the interiors of its upcoming new ships, and nowhere on the list is Joe Farcus. Instead, Adam D. Tihany will act as creative director, overseeing Jeffrey Beers International, DordoniArchitetti, Partner Ship Design and Rockwell Group.

In the past, Joe Farcus has almost exclusively left his kitschy stamp on many Costa Cruises ships and most of the Carnival Cruise Line fleet. The result is a maze of neon and endless repetition of gaudy fixtures paired with equally unpleasant surfaces and colors on far too many vessels. Thankfully, Carnival has begun to distance itself from the dated Las Vegas styling of Farcus, favoring a modern beach resort aesthetic on its Carnival Breeze and beyond.

Costa Cruises is following a similar path, in fact, taking cues from corporate cousins, Holland America Line and Seabourn, where Tihany’s sleek designs have most recently been applied, as well as comments and suggestions from Costa’s loyalists regarding the layout and overall experience.

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