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Competitor Lessons to Be Learned from Independent Cruise Lines

A large percentage of cruise lines are owned by bigger companies – namely Carnival Corporation, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Limited and Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited – that operate several different brands, but there are also a number that are not related to any other corporate cousins. In fact, these independent lines have a lesson or two that could be learned by the big boys about how to do things potentially better.

Crystal Cruises

All eyes should be on Crystal Cruises for the many things that set it apart as a luxury line that pampers its guests with excellent accommodations, dining and entertainment, but in particular, the main thing that raises the industry benchmark is its incomparable service. Just when one thinks they’ve seen the best elsewhere, a sailing on Crystal will quickly remind them that it remains the leader thanks to genuinely friendly crews and masterful attention to detail.

Disney Cruise Line

Short of another entertainment company entering the cruising world, Disney Cruise Line will always be unique for its extensive international synergy. Others have tried to match it, but they fall short by lacking full integration. What they could be more mindful of is that for Disney, everything is in the service of tel

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