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'Cause Baby, You're a Firework…on a Cruise

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Fireworks literally elevate cruise show spectaculars to new heights. 

As of right now, Disney Cruise Line is the only company to present such a dazzling display. For a short period of time, Norwegian Cruise Line also did, but it has since suspended its offerings.

Disney was already known for its grand fireworks presentations in its worldwide theme parks, so it stood for reason that the company would want to extend that element of its showmanship to its cruise line as well, and it has since become a signature attraction onboard.

With double smoke stacks, the four ships – the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder – can launch a cross-volley of mortars into the sky off the starboard side.

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The result is not just a visual display but also an extension of its storytelling brand.

Taking its cues from the “Pirates of the Carib

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