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Behind-the-Scenes of Harmony of the Seas’ Entertainment

For the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean International has pulled out all the stops aboard the Harmony of the Seas, and everything from live performances to integrated technology is employed to make it happen across three distinct main venues.

“There is nowhere else in the world that you could experience the kind of entertainment that Royal Caribbean brings to Harmony of the Seas,” said Michael Bayley, President & CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “I mean it really is leading, world-class; it’s the best that there is.”

Royal Theater

Even the most traditional show house onboard, the 1,380-seat Royal Theater, impresses with fresh approaches to major productions like “Grease.” At a preview, Nick Weir, VP, Entertainment at Royal Caribbean, described the show as a hybrid of both the Broadway performance and the film, incorporating the best elements and numbers from each to create the ultimate version at sea. There’s even a live orchestra that plays in a unique dedicated studio backstage to accompany the talented singers and dancers out front with perfect audio.

Studio B

“Then you go into our Studio B, the ice show,” said Mark Tam

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