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Azamara Quest Drydock Photo Tour

UPDATED PHOTOS | CORRECTED — Correction: Azamara Club Cruises had, in fact, previously released a concept rendering of the anticipated new paint scheme for its fleet complete with a contrasting white band (seen below).

Previously Released Concept Rendering (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Per Azamara Club Cruises previous fleet refurbishment announcement, the Azamara Quest is currently in drydock. According to the cruise line’s Facebook page, she is more than 80% on her way to completing her latest upgrades which most noticeably include a new exterior paint scheme (seen in the header image above).

Azamara Quest Just Prior to Her Drydock (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Until now, it was uncertain exactly how the finished paint job would match the earlier rendering, but now we know the newly applied hue is less akin to the cobalt blue of her corporate cousins at Celebrity Cruises and actually that of the concept image as well. It is instead very similar to the deep, dark blue that Holland America Line ships sport. Azamara Quest will display a white band halfway up her superstructure to nicely contrast the dramatic new aesthetic.

The Reupholstery Process in the Cabaret Lounge (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Since the Azamara Quest along with the Azamara Journey are former R-ships – vessels of the now defunct Renaissance Cruises – these additional enhancements to the fleet help to further distinguish Azamara Club Cruises from the other rebranded Renaissance ships sailing the high seas. Such improvements that are currently underway include the reupholstery of the furniture in the Cabaret Lounge as documented in the image above.

Tile, Carpet and Furniture Upgrades in the Aqualina Specialty Restaurant (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Azamara plans to release a brand new photograph of the remodeling process everyday over the next couple weeks as the ship is in drydock, so be sure to bookmark this page and return to it as we update the image gallery with all the latest photos from the shipyard. The exciting process is already ahead of schedule and anticipates the relaunch of Azamara Quest later this month. To learn more about the Azamara fleet improvements, read Azamara Refurbishments Are on The Way and visit the Azamara Club Cruises website.

Additional Application of the New Azamara Blue (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Do you find these new Azamara features intriguing? Tell us what you think in the comments section below…

The Completed Azamara Quest Leaving Her Drydock Remodel (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

A Rare Shot of Azamara Quest’s Keel Before Relaunching (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Mosaic Café’s Fresh Color Scheme (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Mosaic Café Will Sell Nespresso Coffee (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Discoveries Lounge with All New Furniture and Carpeting (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

A New Light Fixture in Discoveries Lounge (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

One Last Shot from Discoveries Lounge which Now Has More Tables for Two (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

New Furnishings in the Casino Bar (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

Gaming Areas Have Been Reduced to Allow More Space for Socializing (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

The Casino Bar Includes Two New Televisions for Sports Lovers (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

New Gym Equipment (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)

New Deck Furniture and Towels Adorn the Pool (Copyright © Azamara Club Cruises)


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