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Are Millennials Driving a River Cruising Boom?

It would seem the boom in river cruise travel has no immediate end in sight.

A new AAA survey says that even though only 14 percent of Americans have ever taken a river cruise, 40 percent would consider a river cruise for a future vacation. As a result, AAA has seen an over 16 percent increase in river cruise reservations since last year.

Specifically, 25 percent say “they are very likely or likely to take a river cruise vacation in the U.S. or internationally in the next five years.” The reasons are several. Half of those surveyed find the unique river destinations inaccessible by larger cruise ships appealing, with 48 percent finding both authentic travel experiences and immediate dock proximity to the heart of said destinations desirable.

Millennials in particular hold great potential as a river cruise market as AAA indicates that only 11 percent of us have already taken such a sailing but 42 perc

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