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Are Luxury Cruises Worth the Extra Cost?

Luxury cruises can total as much as what some would easily consider a fortune. After all, it’s not uncommon for the price of a singular sailing to match or exceed the cost of a car or much more.

But is such a cruise experience worth it?

Clearly, the answer is yes to many because the luxury cruise segment is booming with every line in the category growing to some degree, some at record speed, read Crystal Cruises.

I myself have had the great pleasure of enjoying luxury cruises as well as the entire gamut of ships leading up to them, everything from Carnival Cruise Line to Silversea Cruises, and honestly I like them all for different reasons. There truly is a cruise line, and perhaps more importantly, a price point for everyone.

It all just comes down to what you most value in a vacation, whether it is priced at $499 for a week or upwards of say $34,999. That’s what the best Regent Suite is goin

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