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A Quest for Seabourn Entertainment

When most consider cruise ship entertainment, the expectation these days is for lavish production shows not unlike those on Broadway, but such are generally reserved for vessels carrying thousands of guests. On luxury lines, like Seabourn, only accommodating hundreds, the lineup is understandably less elaborate but not without its own talent.

On the Seabourn Quest, the Grand Salon is the primary entertainment venue, one reminiscent of cruising’s past, with a single-decker cabaret lounge, a simple stage positioned over the stern and seating fanned out with a slight incline from there. A live band consists of four members – a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist and drummer – backing a sextet of vocalists who serve double duty as dancers.

A 10-day cruise consisted of three main productions: “On the Six,” “Songs in the City” and “Crossroads” (pictured above) in order. The singers are generally very good and sound better individually than as an ensemble at times, which was the case for the first occasionally a cappella performance that sadl

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