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8 Tips to Maximize Your Time Onboard the Viking Sea

Viking Ocean Cruises’ second ship – the Viking Sea – has now set sail, and we’ve got tips for how to make the most of the cruising experience onboard and ashore.

Take Advantage of Included Shore Excursions

There is a remarkable amount of all-inclusive amenities to be enjoyed onboard and off, but perhaps the most impressive for the line’s price point is a complimentary tour offered in every port. For those who have never been to a particular destination, these typical overview tours are a great primer, and even those wishing to take a deeper dive can select more extensive excursions at reduced cost.

Bask in the Relaxation of the Ship’s Comforts

On the Sea, there is no shortage of creature comforts, from the spacious private accommodations to the double-decker Explorers’ Lounge observation venue. Everywhere guests turn, homey furniture invites them to relax and enjoy the passing scenery or pick up one of the ship’s many books stocked throughout, or even enjoy a board game or interactive variety at the fun touch screen tables.

Discover the Art Collection

There is quite a collection of art onboard, spearheaded by the dramatic tapestry-sized screen that displays destination images at the top of the atrium stairs, and the Sea newly offers an audio guide to learn more about each piece. Accessed on smartphones and tablets, host Karine Hagen, Viking’s senior vice president and the ship’s godmother, provides commentary through a headset. Additionally, the Viking Heritage exhibit honors the company’s Nordic roots with historic artifacts.

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