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8 Things that Define Princess Cruises

Sailing onboard the Ruby Princess from Princess Cruises with the line’s fresh Come Back New campaign in full swing, it becomes clear that the cruise company is in position to offer an improved product. But well before the new offerings, Princess was already very popular among a loyal group of cruisers thanks to a core group of features.With some exceptions, namely on the line’s smallest Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess, travelers can generally expect the following on Princess Cruises.Consistent Deck Plans and DesignThe Princess Cruises fleet consists of a few different classes of vessels of varying size, but overall, the deck plans are similar and very consistent from ship to ship. In other words, it’s hard to get lost. The shipboard aesthetic is also nearly identical across the public spaces and private accommodations with lots of pastels, beiges and browns.Wild Architectural ElementsDespite interior uniformity, the ships are visually striking with bold exterior elements. The Grand class introduced the Skywalkers Nightclub, a floating deck at the stern reminiscent of a bridge or spoiler, and the new Royal and Regal Princess each sport the SeaWalk and SeaView Bar cantilevered over the sides of the ships with glass floors overlooking the ocean far below. Even the Coral and Island Princess feature nacelles on their smokestacks that look like something out of science fiction.The PiazzaThe hub of activity is focused on the central atrium, or The Piazza as Princess calls it. Mimicking Italian courtyards, guests will find a variety of dining and retail experiences here that successfully gather people for social interaction. Of course, paired with premium wines and chocolates, the wafting smell of complimentary fresh baked pastries at the 24-hour International Cafe and even pizza on some of the ships never fails to

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