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8 Fun Ways to Recreate a Cruise at Home

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The hardest part of any cruise vacation is the inevitable disembarkation and return home to reality, but you can keep the spirit of the voyage alive with some classic and new ways to recreate it.


Did you love your bed at sea? Several companies from Carnival Cruise Line to Oceania Cruises actually sell their bedding collections including the mattresses themselves. Even Princess Cruises plans to sell its new Princess Luxury Bed in the near future to bring the comfort home.

Virtual Balcony

Just as you can pull up a screensaver of fireplaces for those without, you can use your television to display a high-definition photo or video of the view outside the ship from your cruise. That way you can effectively make it in to a virtual balcony to peer out from. You can even extend this to a slideshow of all your favorite vacation images on rotation.

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Towel Animals

Here’s a fun one. Several cruise lines playfully fold bath towels onboard into animal shapes. For those who

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