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8 Cruise Lines with the Best Atriums

Carnival Cruise Line

Whether or not you like Joe Farcus’ extravagant interior designs, there’s no denying that Carnival Cruise Line’s ships sport some of the most striking atriums as they soar from the lobby below up to the top decks above. All the while, glass elevators skirt by impressive vast murals, mirrored surfaces and an abundance of colorful fixtures.

Celebrity Cruises

In order to convey “modern luxury,” Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class atriums vibrantly display a large-scale boutique hotel aesthetic under a skylight with a live tree suspended mid-height in between the angular glass elevators. Meanwhile, the line’s Millennium-class ship atriums are both modern and classy with back-lit marble surfaces and boldly draped linens.

Disney Cruise Line

They may not be the grandest in height, but Disney Cruise Line’s elegant triple-decker atriums perfectly set the scene for what’s in store onboard. Everything Disney does is in service of telling stories, and its atriums playfully welcome guests with character statues and friezes depicting many of the activities that can be enjoyed onboard and ashore during a vacation.

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