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7 Unforgettable Moments On An Antarctica Cruise

Antarctica is a land lost in time, a harsh environment of ice and wind. Yet because of this, the land is utterly compelling and stays in the hearts and minds of every traveller who visits her shores.

The wild beauty of Antarctica is attracting more and more ships each year, and every traveller leaves the White Continent with memories that will last a lifetime. Not only is the landscape branded into the minds of every person who visits, but for wildlife and photography lovers, there is no better place on earth to explore.

If you want to experience a cruise that it is totally unique then look no further than Antarctica. Forget calm seas and pool parties, an Antarctica cruise is an expedition for adventure travellers who want to explore the ends of the earth.

To help sway you, we have written our top 7 unforgettable moments on an Antarctica cruise.

1. The Wildlife

Where else on earth can you feel the spray from a whale’s blow hole or have a penguin waddle across your feet? The answer is nowhere. The wildlife in Antarctica is quite simply second to none, and the creatures that inhabit the frozen wilderness are unafraid of humans. Curious whales swim next to your ship whilst seals lazily stretch across the ice floats. If you visit South Georgia or the Falkland Islands on an extended itinerary then you’ll witness seals and penguins in their millions!

2. The Polar Plunge

There’s no getting around it, the ‘Polar Plunge’ is seriously cold. However, it’s also seriously unforgettable. Strapped into a harness, you jump from your ship into the freezing icy waters and find out if you have a strong heart. Most people will immediately regret the decision, but give it an hour and you’ll look back upon the experience fondly!

3. The Landscape

Nothing really compares to the frozen wilderness of Antarctica. Towering icebergs and enormous glaciers await you around every corner. Don’t be concerned though, ship navigation systems have moved on since the times of Titanic! You’ll take numerous excursions ashore where you can explore the coastal areas with hikes into the snow-covered hills and forays onto the wildlife-rich beaches.

4. Sea Kayaking

Okay, so this is not for everyone. However, anyone with a real sense of adventure will jump at the opportunity to explore the ice-strewn sea in more detail. Taking a kayak away from the ship allows you to explore narrow inlets and channels that are inaccessible to the larger vessels. You can sail up next to seals and paddle around icebergs that look as if they have been carved for a show! Basic experience is required.

5. The Photo opportunities

Even travellers with no photographic experience are going to get some stunning shots in Antarctica. The wildlife will quite literally stand 5 meters away as you click your shutter button over and over from every angle. The landscape is wide and beautiful, and you’ll get stunning backdrops to your iceberg shots. If you’re creative, then try photographing some of the wildlife with your ship in the background.

6. The Drake Passage

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, the notorious Drake Passage is unquestionably unforgettable. Known to be one of the roughest stretches of water on the planet, many Antarctic travellers view the crossing as a rite-of-passage. After you have spent several days swaying and taking on the elements, you’ll be absolutely buzzed to reach the White Continent and your first shore landing.

7. Cross-country Skiing

Take on the frozen landscape like it was done centuries back. Many cruise itineraries include a skiing option that allows you to ski across the ice and snow exploring the vast interior of Antarctica. It’s not all flat though, so prepare for some fast downhill sections and some uphill slogs! If you fancy something a little more laid back, then perhaps take the snowshoeing option.

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