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7 Cruise Embarkation Tips

You’re excited for your cruise, but before you board the ship you have to prepare for embarkation, so here are seven tips to make the most of the process.

Check In Online

While you can technically take care of registering final details such as filing a credit card for onboard incidentals once you arrive at the port, showing just your passport or identification and cruise ticket to pass through security, it is advised to dial in everything prior to arrival. Some systems even allow you to upload a shipboard security photo and print a health questionnaire ahead of time, all things once handled pier-side. More often than not, shore excursions, dining and spa reservations can even be made well in advance. After all, doing it all online before expedites the process and gets you to the fun that much quicker.

Download the App

Speaking of other online matters, if the cruise line you’re sailing aboard features a complimentary onboard-use mobile app for the likes of Android and iOS devices, be sure to download it before the ship departs while you still have access to your data plan or better yet free Wi-Fi. Once at sea, it will require an internet package to access the app store, and the download speeds may be prohibitive to installing it quickly after the fact.

Consider Drink Restrictions

While it seems like a good idea to bring

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