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5 Mouth-Watering Themed Cruises For The Foodie

Forget the buffet line packed with tasteless fruit trays and warmed-over hamburgers. In fact, forget everything you thought you knew about cruise ship cuisine.Today’s travelers are following their gut, ushering in a foodie-centric renaissance across the industry. On cruise ships, this has translated into a complete overhaul of dining options across nearly every line you can think of. But some lines have gone above and beyond in their attempts to entice the epicurean traveler.Here are five cruises where the sea may be the appetizer, but the menu is packed with gourmet fare.Holland America LineHolland America Line has just added the latest “MasterChef Junior” winner to its upcoming theme cruise on Nov. 6 aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam, complete with additional culinary programming, and a sampling of several other 2016 culinary cruises are on their way as well.Onboard the second “MasterChef” Cruise, winner Addison (age 10) and semi-finalist Zac (age 13) will join the sailing which also has Claudia Sandoval (“MasterChef” Season 6 winner), Luca Manfe (“MasterChef” Season 4 winner), Elizabeth Cauvel (“MasterChef” Season 5 runner-up), Leslie Gilliams (“MasterChef” Season 5 contestant), and Sean (“MasterChef Junior” Season 2 contestant) along for the ride.New programming will include demonstrations in the Culinary Arts Center and now a “MasterChef Junior” guest competition, challenges and events including a dining experience curated by the junior MasterChefs and a “grilled cheese showdown.”READ MORE: 7 Cruise Lines Foodie Travelers Should Be WatchingCunard LineOn June 23, 2016, Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth will feature the 12-night British Isles Culinary Discovery Cruise with special onboard speaker Nick Nairn; chef, cookery school owner, food consu

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