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10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Viking Sky Cruise Tips

PHOTO: Viking Ocean Cruises’ Viking Sky docked in Stavanger, Norway. (photo by Jason Leppert)

Viking Ocean Cruises’ third sister-ship—the Viking Sky—is yet another gem. Besides her main bragging points, she also presents a number of experiences that may not be first on your list to try but are worth digging deeper into. Here are my picks for bonus things to consider while onboard.

Discover the Explorers’ Lounge Artifacts

The Explorer’s Lounge alone is a magnificent double-decker observation venue (from which I am writing this very piece) at the forward top of the ship for relaxation by scenic view, but it’s also home to some great discoveries. Display cases hold intriguing archaeological artifacts nestled between a library of books that extend ship-wide.

These along with the stunning art collection (expertly guided via mobile app) would be enough to occupy anyone’s weeklong leisure time.

Don’t Forget the Aquavit Terrace

Just behind the World Cafe buffet is the Aquavit Terrace, itself a lofty two-level space with lots of natural light. Seating is generally plentiful for diners, but when it gets busier, this is the perfect place to find an opening. Nearer the bar, it’s also quicker to get drinks from here.

Check Out the Forward Promenade Deck

The promenade deck on the Viking Sky—as well as its Viking Star and Viking Sea predecessors—is a welcome full-wraparound variety. In fact, where it crosses through the front of the bow, unique windows look in on the fascinating mooring deck operations for those curious to see.

Peruse the Atrium Ship Models

For curiosity at scale, guests can check out not only a model of the Viking Sky itself on the second floor of the atrium but also one of Viking River Cruises’ signature Longships. Although, there are a couple of differences between the model and the actual Sky that other eagle-eyed observers might pick up on. (Hint: Scan the Sports Deck.)

Patronize Munch Moments in The Viking Living Room

The atrium is known as The Viking Living Room for its welcoming nature, and in the late afternoon its digital tapestry displays the art of Edvard Munch on rotation as live classical musicians play tunes to accompany. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.

Watch the Torshavn Cabaret Shows

Also for entertainment, the Star Theater may be the main focal point, but Torshavn’s cabaret shows actually outshine the production shows in quality thanks to an improved vocal sound mix and live musical backing.

Consider Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

It’s weather dependent, but both The Restaurant and the World Cafe buffet feature unique sliding patio doors along their perimeters that can open up the dining rooms for al fresco dining. The main dining room even includes a few tables outside, on the promenade deck over the stern, for the ultimate enjoyment of sea breezes.

Book The Kitchen Table Experience

One dining room that should not be overlooked is the only one that comes with a surcharge onboard. The Kitchen Table experience begins as a shoreside market visit with the chef before becoming an interactive cooking demo and exclusive dinner back onboard.

Enjoy Afternoon Tea in the Wintergarden

Every afternoon on the Viking Sky, the Wintergarden hosts tea time under the skylights of the handsome space. A wide variety of tasty teas can be enjoyed by guests along with classic scones.

Stop by Mamsen’s for Daily Snacks

Coming full circle back to the Explorers’ Lounge, Mamsen’s Norwegian deli serves snacks conveniently therein throughout the day. In the morning, wonderful waffles are served before afternoon finger sandwiches. During late-night, enjoy hearty split pea soup.

This post first appeared on TravelPulse.



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