As most of our readers know, if you want to get the most bang for your buck out of a vacation, it’s hard to beat a cruise.  The cost of traveling all over the world, eating like royalty, and seeing top-notch entertainment every night would come at a high price anywhere else.  But there are some extra overlooked expenses that come along with cruising that can leave you in shock at the end of your voyage.

Just because you are going on a cruise doesn’t mean you have to blow ALL your money.  Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t break your budget on your next cruise.

Cruising solo

If you are going on a cruise by yourself you will more than likely still have to pay for two people.   This is one of the biggest misconceptions with cruising.  That price you see on the brochure is probably for just one person, even though you will have to pay for two.  Cruise lines base their prices based on double-occupancy and if only one person is in the room they have to re-coop their costs somehow.  However, there are some cruise lines that will offer lower rates for the second half of the fare of a solo cruiser.  Sometimes you will have to pay only 50% of the other fare.  Norwegian actually offers single cabins on some of their cruise ships as well.

Surfing Online

You will be better off surfing on the FlowRider than surfing online aboard a cruise ship.  Not only do many cruise lines charge by the minute, but the connections are so slow it will suck away even more precious minutes out of your time and out of your wallet as you wait to connect. Prices can range anywhere from $.65 to $.75 per minut

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