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Viking Ocean Cruises’ Updated Art Guide App Showcases Pieces and Ships

One of the features that enhances any onboard experience is shipboard art, and Viking Ocean Cruises has carefully curated many excellent pieces for its first Viking Star and Viking Sea.

Most of the time though, paintings and sculptures are displayed on other ships statically with little context. On Viking, however, a newly updated Viking Art Guide app can be downloaded before your cruise to provide fascinating detail on not only the collections but the ships themselves.

Wandering throughout the sister-ships, wherever there is a headphone icon and number adjacent to a piece, a corresponding audio file can be played back on the app, using your own headset so as not to disturb other passengers. The piece can be found in the app by manually navigating to the larger venue in which it is present and then selecting it or more quickly by typing in its number on a keypad.

Viking senior vice president, Karine Hagen, a

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