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The Pampered People of Seabourn

What makes a luxury cruise line is far more than its imported marbles, fine toiletries, gourmet cuisine and fancy hardware? It’s the level of service and personalized dedication its guests receive that makes or breaks it, and Seabourn exemplifies the very best.

Most importantly, pretentious it is not. In fact, the atmosphere onboard is much more casual than you might first expect. It really is a country club casual yacht experience shared among only 450 passengers, and the crew is genuinely friendly towards everyone, including our teddy bears.

My parents and I have always traveled with stuffed animals as playful companions to brighten up our staterooms and suites aboard our dozens of cruises over the years, and most stewards and stewardesses just ignore their presence. There have only ever been a handful of times that the crew has had some fun with them, and our wonderful stewardess on the Seabourn Quest is one of them.

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