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‘Star Trek The Cruise II’ Enlists George Takei

The inaugural “Star Trek The Cruise” scheduled for January 9-15, 2017 aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Pearl – a favorite for theme cruises – has been long sold out, but Entertainment Cruise Productions is already planning for “Star Trek The Cruise II” in 2018, hosted by none other than helmsman Hikaru Sulu, actor George Takei.

“Star Trek” fandom is currently in full effect for the franchise’s 50th anniversary as “Star Trek Beyond” continues to play theatrically and the new “Star Trek: Discovery” television show is anticipated to begin the same month as the first theme cruise sets sail in 2017. Of course, that show will air a special preview over the air on CBS only to stream the pilot and remaining first season exclusively on CBS All Access.

But besides the new cast led by Chris Pine on the big screen and a new televised crew ca

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