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Silversea Expeditions to Provide New Complimentary Haglöfs Jackets

Silversea Expeditions has partnered up with outdoor clothing brand Haglöfs to produce two new jacket designs that it will provide to guests free of charge on its sailings to Antarctica, the Arctic, Chilean Fjords, Russian Far East, and Sub-Antarctic New Zealand starting in June 2016.

“Over a hundred years of research and development have contributed to the success of Haglöfs and its positioning among the most respected and prestigious brands of top quality adventure gear,” says Silversea. “Innovations stretching from back systems to choices in materials and original constructions made Haglöfs a leading player in the field of technical outdoor clothing and several successful product releases resulted in international awards and distinctions.”

The jackets will feature Haglöfs’ trademark Quad+ FusionTM technology and a soft-shell outer layer made of Pertex® Microlight technology, for warm insulation in a lightweight package of soft and durable water resistance.

Conrad Combrink, director of expedition planning and strategic development, said: “We pride ourselves on being able to honor our guests with industry leading expertise while on board our expedition voyages. The new complimentary Haglöfs jackets represent the finest outdoor wear available, allowing our guests to fully experience all weather environments in comfort and style. Our butlers will be pleased to help our guests to easily pack the jackets thanks to the self-folding mechanism, while the extra-light weight will not represent any obstacle in bringing them back home. The use of the jackets for outdoor activities will hold fond memories of discovery and adventure for our guests long after their voyage has ended.”

For more information on Silversea Expeditions, visit the cruise line’s website here.


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