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Royal Princess First to Unveil Princess Cruises’ New Livery

The “sea witch” is literally bigger than ever for Princess Cruises as the line’s classic icon now fully dons the bow of the Royal Princess. The new livery was announced to be applied to the upcoming Majestic Princess and eventually the rest of the fleet as well, and the first Royal-class ship is the first to set sail with the look fresh out of dry-dock.

Besides the bold new forward applique, the ship’s name has also been repositioned a bit farther back in much larger letters than before, and the Princess Cruises logotype has also made its hull debut near the aft stern. Altogether, the brand and ship are much more identifiable from afar, and the line spelled out for the first time better familiarizes passersby with the company for those who do not already recognize it.

Also interesting to note is how the Royal Princess, when introduced in 2013, was the first of the fleet to apply the sea witch’s flowing hair from left to right on the

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