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Royal Princess Christening Photo Tour

Just yesterday, Princess Cruises celebrated the christening of the new Royal Princess with godmother Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, who officially named the vessel and cut the cord to release the crash of champagne upon her bow. Her selection as godmother to perform these duties is fitting since Princess Diana christened the original Royal Princess in 1984 before her.

The Bottle of Champagne is Ready (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

“We can think of no more fitting godmother for our magnificent new Royal Princess,” said Alan Buckelew, Princess Cruises’ president and CEO. “Her Royal Highness is an inspiring ambassador for Britain – with whom Princess Cruises shares strong ties – and she is admired around the world for her style and grace. We’re so honored she accepted our invitation to become godmother to our new ship.”

Kate Middleton Cuts the Cord (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Enjoy this selection of photos from the Royal Princess event and then watch a replay of the festivities and discover her maiden itineraries beginning on June 16th by visiting Princess Cruises‘ website here.

And Voilà – The Royal Princess is Christened (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Are you excited about the new Royal Princess? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…

Onlookers Make Good Use of the SeaWalk (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Kate Middleton Onboard (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Kate Middleton on the Navigational Bridge (Copyright © Princess Cruises)




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