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Returning to the Mexican Riviera Aboard Holland America Line

As a native resident of San Diego, California, I recall the heyday of Mexican Riviera cruises leaving from our shores before the downturn, and it looks to be that such high times are coming back thanks in large part to Holland America Line recently increasing its departures to the region.

Onboard the Westerdam this week, it has been a joy to return to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta to see the familiar ports from a renewed perspective. We specifically chose shore excursions that would allow us to rediscover the area and take a deeper dive into its culture and landscape. Sure, mainstays like flea market vendors remain on the surface, but to really know Mexico, travelers need to go beyond the beach tours.

Just outside of Cabo, San Jose is still a wonderful artistic colonial town to escape to for such purposes, but another via the Discover Todos Santos excursion captivated us to try. There, we went beyond the popular sport fishing and jet skiing to visit the quiet cultural center, cathedral and Hotel California, said to be the inspiration for the Eagles’ famed song.

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