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Refreshed Queen Elizabeth Emerges from Drydock – Video Tour

Cunard Cruise Line‘s Queen Elizabeth has recently emerged from a multi-million dollar, 20-day drydock refurbishment. Her new and enhanced features are showcased in the excellent video released by the cruise line below and additionally detailed below that:

Of the modifications, the most significant was the addition of 9 solo passenger cabins, eight outside staterooms and one inside. The new rooms measure 159 to 162 square feet in space and sport the following features according to Cunard:

  1. Ideal central location, mid-ships in close proximity to the social areas of the Empire Casino, the Royal Court Theatre and the Queens Room

  2. Small double beds with generous width of more than 47”

  3. Large windows giving plenty of natural daylight and excellent views (outside staterooms only)

Other shipboard improvements include the remodeling of the lido restaurant with recessed risers for new styling and guest flow. The Royal Arcade shopping center has also been redone to include new fine jewelry and watch shops with an enhanced layout and lighting. A dedicated photo studio has also been added as well as digital kiosks in the photo gallery to easily find and select images.

Finally, new carpets, mattresses and larger flat-panel televisions have been installed in all staterooms as new shade awnings have been positioned on the outer decks. Technically, environmentally-friendly scrubber technology has been employed to better filter ship emissions and a new alternator was installed.

Presumably following additional outfitting, the new solo staterooms will be available for booking for as early as the December 16, 2014 sailing. For more information on the Queen Elizabeth, visit Cunard Cruise Line‘s website here.


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