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Queen Mary 2 10th Anniversary Celebration Photo Tour

Cunard Cruise Line‘s flagship Queen Mary 2 was in Southampton, UK today to celebrate the vessel’s 10th anniversary in service. She was joined by her fleet-mates, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, in port to celebrate alongside her.

Queen Mary 2 10th Anniversary Celebration Photo Tour is continued below… More Cruise Reviews from Popular Cruising’s Queen Mary 2, 10th Anniversary Transatlantic 2014 sailing: VIDEO PODCAST – Queen Mary 2 Celebrations and First Impressions VIDEO PODCAST – What One Is To Do with Six Sea Days on the Queen Mary 2

Today also marks the first time Popular Cruising has ever covered Cunard and a transatlantic sailing in person, and we’re jazzed to be onboard the Queen Mary 2 for the first time during her festivities and seven-day crossing to New York.

The family gathering among the ships came to a close this evening with a grand fireworks crescendo. Ordinarily, I pride myself in capturing such displays, but the ship was not positioned as announced, leading to last minute jockeying of passengers from prime viewing spots at the stern to less than ideal ones at the promenade.

Nonetheless, the evening was a blast, and we were able to successfully capture other images during the day to share with you here. Our reports from onboard will continue in episodic video format on the Popular Cruising Video Podcast, which can be accessed and subscribed to by clicking here.

For more information on the Queen Mary 2, visit Cunard Cruise Line‘s website here.


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