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Princess Cruises Showcases ‘Magic to Do’ with Album and Documentary

It’s actually quite surprising that it hasn’t been done before: featuring a cruise ship production show with both an original cast recording album and a documentary short film.

There have always been CDs for sale from guest performers onboard cruise ships, but never has there been a cruise line-presented disc or download. Princess Cruises is changing that as its “Magic to Do” musical (pictured above) from award-winning Stephen Schwartz is being released on September 9, 2016 on CD, digital download and via streaming services in conjunction with DMI Soundtracks.

This just goes to show how much the onboard entertainment scene has evolved recently, that an original show would garner enough attention to warrant the release of a fully-produced recording. Having seen the production first hand, I can attest that it is one of a growing number of excellent cruise ship performances that justifies such a release.

In fact, while the show mostly contains a revue of Schwartz’ songs, the album will include the premier recording of four songs: “Beyond Belief,” “It’ll Be Me” and “A Little Magic,” an original song written exclusiv

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