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Princess Cruises Presents its Fresh 'Come Back New' Dining Options

As part of Princess Cruises‘ recently introduced $450 million fleet enhancement program – what it calls “The Come Back New Promise” – the line is revamping its dining options for guests to enjoy onboard. From celebrity chefs to coffee and beer, I can attest that the guest culinary experience has definitely been elevated onboard the Ruby Princess.Curtis StoneThe preeminent highlight of the new cuisine is Princess’ partnership with Curtis Stone for a number of offerings, the most exciting of which is SHARE by Curtis Stone, his new specialty restaurant rolling out on select ships. His newest restaurant is currently aboard the Ruby and Emerald Princess and is set to next join the Sun Princess in April 2016, appropriately in Curtis’ homeland of Australia.The dining experience, priced at $39 per person, is centered around the concept of sharing dishes socially among the table, and the food itself is just wonderful. Comprised of one charcuterie, appetizer, main, side, cheese and dessert course each, the overall meal is a bit meager in portion, but foodies will appreciate the precise attention to detail that goes into every morsel. The explosive flavor profiles of the Roasted Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle pasta and Roast Turbot White Fish Gratine (pictured in the header above), for instance, delightfully pop in your mouth. Of course, the partnership with Stone doesn’t end there. The main dining rooms fleet-wide also feature “Crafted by Curtis” menu items such as a delectably baked Mac & Cheese made with gruyere, cheddar and bacon. Just last night I enjoyed the hearty and creamy dish topped with crunchy panko. Plus, in spring 2016, there will be Curtis Stone’s Chef’s Table experience available in the SHARE restaurants, themselves very handsome venues comprised of rich woods, light accent colors and a fun collection of travel books and artifacts.Chocolate Journeys

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