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‘MasterChef’ Cruise Versus ‘Top Chef' at Sea

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The culinary rival between premium competitors Celebrity Cruises and Holland America Line is heating up with the line’s partnerships with “Top Chef” and “MasterChef” respectively. Both cruise lines are well known for their own excellent cuisine, so it’s no surprise that they would showcase the reality television show equivalents onboard. 

“Top Chef” at Sea has been running on Celebrity for a couple years now, and the program has a presence on nearly every one of its cruises. Quickfire Challenges allow guests the opportunity to test their own cooking skills, preparing an entree in competition against other passengers, alongside Celebrity chefs on stage. Plus, there is a “Top Chef” Night that features appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts developed by the show’s “cheftestants” to be enjoyed by guests.

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It’s Signature Sailings are even more special when “Top Chef” players like Nina Compton, Tiffani Faison, Paul Qui and Brooke Williamson actually come along for the ride as I personally experienced. The chefs presented public demonstrations, private cooking clas

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