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Looking Forward to Seabourn’s New Seabourn Encore

Now that I’ve had a chance to sail on Seabourn for the first time aboard the beautiful Seabourn Quest, I am especially excited for the new Seabourn Encore coming out at the end of this year. The Quest was the last to launch for the luxury line in 2011, and the Encore follows behind as a slightly larger version with a few modifications to look forward to.

Besides a capacity increase from 450 to 604 guests, the biggest difference is an additional deck of suites and public venues. From the outside, that architecturally translates to a slightly taller ship. The bow will be raised up one level, and the bridge appears to be situated farther forward for a better vantage point. This does interrupt the swooping lines of the forecastle just a bit, but for the sake of safe navigation, one can hardly complain.

Otherwise, the exterior will remain very familiar to loyalists with only the addition of one lifeboat on other side of the length also being tacked on from the looks of the renderings. Also outside, the upper deck has been greatly expanded for The Retreat, an exclusive enclave of 15 private shaded cabanas and central elevated whirlpool that will be tended to by co

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