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Live Voyage Review: Disney Wonder, Pixar California Coastal 2012 Part 2

…Catch up on Part One of our Live Voyage Review here. Since yesterday, the Disney Wonder has been docked under a sunny spotlight in a chilly San Francisco. We just left tonight under the Golden Gate Bridge.

The official Pixar Cruises seal adorns the ship (Art Copyright © Disney-Pixar)

Having already been to the Bay Area several times, I took advantage of a quieter ship these last two days to shoot plenty of photos and video. So as promised, above and below are a selection of images showcasing the Pixar decorations and art onboard as well as the overall ship design.

Mickey welcomes you aboard

The Disney Wonder is a shining example of what a well outfitted vessel of her vintage can look like today when meticulously maintained. I truly believe Walt Disney would be very proud of such attention to detail.

The retail corridor that leads to the Walt Disney Theatre

For instance, today I saw a scene straight out of a Disney cartoon with crew on suspended planks attending to her aft stack with care, and the day before, railings were being sanded down to be revarnished. The dedication to maintenance onboard is extremely impressive.

The adults-only Route 66 area

The ship’s design has a unique layout in that some of her corridors are located in the very center of the ship splitting the central stairwells instead of the more common perimeter corridors found on other ships. This lends itself well to the retail space that dramatically funnels towards the elegant Walt Disney Theatre.

Cadillac Lounge

I loved the adults-only area onboard the Disney Fantasy, especially with Skyline Lounge, but I think I personally prefer the Route 66 themed equivalent here on the Wonder. With details such as telephone poles and mile markers, it certainly fits in well with a Pixar themed cruise what with Cars Land also having just opened at Disney California Adventure this summer.

Maintenance onboard is impeccable

The Cadillac Lounge is a fun venue here with a bar furnished like the interior of the namesake cars plus the inclusion of tail-fin and oversized car grill architectural elements. Or I suppose I should say “carchitectural” since that’s how Pixar refers to the structures in the Cars movies.

The official Pixar Cruises lithograph (Art Copyright © Disney-Pixar)

The Pixar artwork on display is a treat to see as well. Even though the pieces are only reproductions, they help to illustrate the studios’ extensive creative process. And everyone onboard, or at least each cabin, will receive a neat limited edition lithograph created just for these cruises.

Concept art for The Incredibles (Art Copyright © Disney-Pixar)

Lastly to conclude this installment of our Live Voyage Review, let me point out something just for fun. As you may or may not know, the Disney Cruise Line features a very unique ship’s horn that actually plays a sampling of famous Disney tunes instead of a singular note. Well, this photo shows what it takes to achieve that with many separate horns of differing size to reproduce the various pitches in each song. Pretty cool!

Concept art for Ratatouille (Art Copyright © Disney-Pixar)

Stay tuned for Part Three (which may or may not post while I’m onboard as my internet connection here has been very intermittent).

The ship’s musical horn array



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