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Holland America Line’s New Koningsdam from a Sales Perspective

First, the Koningsdam is a hit. Jenner said, the reaction has been “really positive. I Invited some of our trade partners onboard just so they can experience it…So far from our guests and our trade partners it’s all been positive – really really fantastic reviews. This ship still looks like a Holland America Line ship, but it has these tweaks that make it extra special.”

Also, the new-build has not distracted from the existing fleet either. In fact, Jenner continued to say, “There’s a renewed sense of invigoration, wonder and interest in our ships. And I think the rest of the fleet, they’re so special. Each ship is so unique. It has that theme; all these ships look similar but have unique touches to [them]. And what we’re doing is we’re spending about 3 or 400 million dollars over the next couple of years to upgrade the rest of our fleet and enhance it so that there is a theme throughout the ships.

“For example, we had just upgraded the Eurodam in December and the Oosterdam last month. So [enhancements such as Music Walk are] the theme that you’ll see throughout the ships, and it started here on the Koningsdam. But we’re taking it to the rest of our fleet too. So, you’ll see that with our suites…We’re taking the beauty and the great things that we have here and incorporating [them] in the rest of the fleet.”

I also asked her is there were any specific surprises that have delighted guests on the new ship. Her response: “Definitely our New York Deli and Pizza. I think people were surprised by it, and I think it’s still sort of a secret for some because it’s kind of tucked away. But once you come here, it’s sort of addicting. When I was on during the shakedown cruise, I kept coming up here to have it, but the one that I keep hearing about is the Grand Dutch Cafe. It is so cool…It’s just so good, and it’s a nice gathering place for people…which takes us back to our Dutch roots an

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