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Fathom Prepares for Onboard Experience

In the spirit of Christmas and all things giving, Fathom – Carnival Corporation’s new cruise line dedicated to social impact – is well on its way to set sail as final preparations are made for guests and travel agents alike. And now we know more about what passengers can expect onboard the ship when the repurposed Adonia launches in April 2016.Getting OnboardAfter first announcing departures for the Dominican Republic and Cuba, subject to final approval, the new cruise brand has been in high gear attracting and servicing its first guests. Fathom has already embarked on an eight week tour to familiarize nine US and Canadian markets that concludes on December 8 in Toronto, Canada. Combining customizability and speed to assist those markets is POLAR Online, a booking engine, also in use by other Carnival Corp. brands, that allows travel professionals to best reserve cruises for their group and solo clients. Built in to the portal are 40 optimized functions to find sales services, category upgrades, destination details, ship information, rate specials and final payment management.Also, Signature Travel Network, a leading cooperative of 205 travel agencies and over 6,000 individual agents in 442 North American locations, has agreed to partner with Fathom as a preferred supplier, further broadening the sales reach of the new cruise line.“As a company that has created an entirely new category of travel, it is important for Fathom to have savvy business partners to engage social impact travelers – many of whom have been hungry to make an impact, but have not known where to begin,” said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation. “The Signature travel professionals are known for having lasting relationships with travelers seeking one-of-a-kind experiences and we feel fortunate to have a preferred partnership with them to effectively connect with our target audience of travelers.”Once OnboardOn the ground, the Fathom experience will be full of cultural immersion and “voluntourism” opportunities, and now the onboard experience has been outlined in more detail. The 704-guest Adonia will be redeployed from P&O Cruises, maintaining its status in the UK fleet even whilst based in America, and serve as both an educational primer to what participants can expect once ashore and a relaxing home base comprised of a variety of accommodation levels and amenities. Setting the scene are a spa and panoramic fitness center; games, sun and pool decks; library and venues serving regional cuisine and performing Caribbean-themed musicals. Enrichment is key and highlights include cultural, historical, geographical and linguistic immersion, transformational experiences set to expand guests’ worldview in several of the vessel’s venues.DiningThe existing Ocean Grill will continue as a specialty restaurant onboard, now dishing up traditional and modern Cuban and Dominican cuisine for lunch and dinner. Fathom says, “the menu will emphasize the finest ingredients skillfully prepared to create a memorable experience that extends beyond the flavor-rich foods to help travelers further immerse and understand the cultures they will encounter.”Also available from midday into the evening, although not yet located on the deck plan, will be The G

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