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Fathom Makes A Real Impact Cruise Traveling to the Dominican Republic

Carnival Corporation’s newest cruise line, Fathom, is not just for show. Its impact travel programs have indeed made measurable positive strides in the Dominican Republic thanks to its committed guests, and the numbers have grown during the brand’s first 13 cruises to the region. Thousands of volunteer days have contributed to the updated statistics in the Puerto Plata region along the northern coast.

“From the beginning, Fathom, our travelers and our incredible community partners have been weaving a beautiful impact mosaic that is inspiring hope and ongoing potential,” said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation & plc. “We have done this by learning, immersing and coming alongside the vision of our partner communities in a way that supports holistic flourishing. We participated closely with local community leaders and our partner organizations to understand their hopes and dreams for the region, and then identified specific, measurable success metrics we could track to begin understanding definitively certain elements of the impact story being woven together. It is humbling to see the collective impact story we are beginning to affect in just a few months.”

Currently, the impressive counts per category are as follows:

Student and Community English Conversation & Learning

~ Around 17,500 hours of English interaction have bettered adult and youth stud

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