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Culinary Touring with Oceania Cruises

How would it sound to taste local flavors both onboard and off and then learn to cook them back at home?

Great, right?

Oceania Cruises is well known for its exceptional cuisine on its ships, and the food journey continues ashore as well with its Culinary Discovery Tours. As an example, the Chef Market Tour, Cannoli, Pasta & Lunch excursion in Taormina, Italy on Sicily is a mouthwatering delight that calls to cruise travelers.

Escorted by the Riviera’s chef instructor Kellie Evans, our tour met in the Culinary Center onboard where the master chef introduced herself. Kellie interestingly served previously as a food editor at “Saveur” magazine as well as executive chef of a catering company that serviced productions in New York like “Blue Bloods” and “30 Rock.”

With a brief historical primer, she first taught us that the locally known cannoli that we would soon be discovering in person are, in fact, of Arabic origin, as the island was and continues to be a centrally Mediterranean confluence.

Once we disembarked, the small group of only 17 of us hopped on a minibus for some sightseeing described in detail by our additional local guide.

Our first stop was the open-air fish and produce market of Catania where guests can enj

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