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Crystal Cruises to Open Luxury Portfolio Showroom in Miami

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Tesla, Crystal Cruises is set to open an iconic “Crystal Experience” showroom that will feature its luxury travel portfolio in Miami’s historic Shrine Building. The art deco Biscayne Boulevard location will debut in spring 2017 with a mockup of the forthcoming Crystal Residences, a cafe and restaurant, and more.

Said by the company to launch as “the first land-based member of the Crystal portfolio,” the showcase will coincide with the luxury line’s Crystal Yacht Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Luxury Air, Crystal AirCruises, Crystal Exclusive Class and Crystal Residences expansion. The facility will even be located conveniently adjacent to Crystal’s Miami branch office.

“The new Crystal showcase building will personify the grand scale of Crystal’s future as it offers the opportunity for travelers to preview the ‘World’s Best’ before they even step foot onto a ship, yacht, plane or residence,” said Crystal President and CEO, Edie Rodriguez. “Not only will visitors be able to see the elegance and luxury of a Crystal vacation, but they’ll also experience the personal attention to detail and unmatched service that sets us apart from all the others.”

The two-level preview center will welcome passersby with some of the building’s e

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