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Crystal Cruises has been rather nostalgic for history recently to the point of even considering relaunching the domestic SS United States ocean liner into service. Now, the line has made its first foray into the Northwest Passage and will next prepare for a special East Coast itinerary visiting iconic sites and welcoming a retired U.S. Marine Corps General aboard its Crystal Esprit luxury yacht.

Unfortunately, dreams of turning the SS United States into a modern luxury ocean liner were recently thwarted when it was determined that there were just too many technical and commercial challenges to overcome to make it happen. It’s sad really because I personally was excited about the prospect of not only seeing the ship restored but also sailing on her as I’m sure many others felt as well. Nonetheless, the ship might still potentially see new life as a floating development in New York one day. Fingers crossed.

READ MORE: Crystal Ends Plans for SS United States

Still, Crystal Cruises remains committed to historic opportunities on its Crystal Esprit and Crystal Serenity. The Serenity today leaves on its inaugural 32-day sailing from Seward, Alaska all the way across to New York City through the famed Northwest Passage. In preparation, the cruise ship was joined by two Canadian Ice Pilots and mounted with two ice searchlights, forward-looking sonar, a thermal imaging camera and special ice-locating software. The Serenity will also be accompanied by the RRS Ernest Shackleton ice class vessel.

All the hard work to get to this point will allow intrepid guests to experience unique polar bear and other wildlife, remote communities, expert onboard enrichment and intimate shoreside as well as zodiac and kayak explorations. Crystal’s new Unexpected Adventures will focus on “impromptu

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