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Cruising to the Extremes: Arctic and Antarctic Poles

The frontiers of cruising continue to be pushed like never before, and the Arctic and Antarctic regions are being visited both more adventurously and luxuriously.

As for luxury lines, Silversea Expeditions has already been through the Northwest Passage, but Crystal Cruises will be making the journey with its larger Crystal Serenity for the first time on August 16, 2016. The extensive 32-day cruise from Seward, Alaska to New York has been over two years in the making and has recently been announced to feature a slew of onboard enrichment specialists across several fields and a shoreside Expedition Voyage Consultants crew in addition to the RRS Ernest Shackleton support vessel.

Twenty-one experts will include “National Geographic” photographer and marine biologist, Flip Nicklin; marine biologist and naturalist, Linda Nicklin; arctic marine mammal ecologist, Lois Harwood; dive master, Justin Hofman; polar bear specialist, Tom Smith; naturalist, Art Sowls; geologist and climatologist, Henry Pollack; geologist, Tom Sharpe; expedition leader, Tim Soper; polar explorer, Sigrid Henjun; arctic guide, Laali Berthelsen; expedition videographer, Kevin Freeny; expedition logistics experts, Linnea Soper and Saskia Travert; historians, Ken Burton and Hector Williams; archaeologist, Margaret Bertulli and Inuit guides.

“Unexpected Adventures” will also allow for impromptu Zodiac outings for glacier viewing, kayaking in protected bay

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